Saturday, 3 June 2017

SS17 PLT Haul

Pretty Little Things has got 00's style nailed this summer! Check out my haul and see what I picked!

Red PU Bralet // Pretty Little Thing 
Red Gingham Deconstructed Skirt // Asos (Now OOS) :(

Back on the blog thing! yay! Feels like a lifetime since I last posted when it was just under a month ago. Things has been really busy, my bank balance insanely low (May is everyones birthday month!) and just feelin all kinds of meh lately,

Giving me a pick up though is Pretty Little Things New in right now, my wish list is full to the max with amazing sequined, flared and magical amazin garms that PLT do fabulously at. I have made a little PLT haul video (soz, still terrible at them!)  so if you want to check out everything I got you can see there! :) All will get an outfit post in due course though.

There is so much late 1990s- early 00s things on the site right now that my inner 14 year old who used to dream of wearing  stuff like  J-lo, Britney, Gwen or  Xtina went crazy for it so I bought the lot!!

One of my favourite items of the lot is this PU red bralet. I haven't worn a bralet in what feels like an age to my expanding hips/ waistline but this long-line one is fab with styling up with high-waisted pieces and its a new colour adding to my wardrobe since the hair change and so ideal for summer date nights with jeans or leggings - hoping for more colours in this PLT - I'd grab the lot!

Watch the haul video here

Love, Sarah x


Friday, 5 May 2017

Lime Green

SS17 = all about colour! Get your colour fix with zingy neon tones like this cool T-shirt dress from Asos! 

Silver Converse Style Plimsoles // Primark
Robot Bag // Accessorize

Sorry bout the lack of blogging lately, being uber busy DIYing and the pretty lame weather (sun, where u at?!) hasn't really been very inspiring for some Spring fashion shooting, My hair is probably thanking the cooler weather though whilst it still recovers. The temptation to try out a peachy or rose gold hue has been really hard to ignore but I need to try n keep my locks n good nick as they are due back in the salon for what will hopefully be the last lightning up sesh in a couple of weeks! 

This T-shirt dress from Asos has me covered though. Absolutely perfect weekend wear as its comfy, still long-ish whilst the weather is not exactly at its warmest and its windy and adds a friendly pop of colour to remind me it's actually now May and should be much warmer than it is! 

With Lime Green being one of my favourite colours anyhow I had to get this, The t shirt is not attached underneath either so it can be used to layer over anything as the dress - multiple outfits in one! The frill detail on the side of the dress also oozes more SS17 trend points as frills and ruffles are still huuuggge right now. 

Great as I am also trying to be more savvy about what I buy and getting as much wear as I can out of things : )

Would you rock a bold neon outfit?

Love, Sarah x 


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Cry Baby

Sporting a new raglan baseball style sleeved tee today, (can never have enough of these!)

Cry Babies Cropped Raglan Top // P&Co
Meow Choker // Forever 21
Mom Jeans // Stradivarius
Fishnets // Primark
Silver Conversey Plimsoles // Primark

Sorry for the random break! I sorta disappeared off all social things over Easter and in to the following week too. Oops.

That said, it was nice to take the time away and think about new posts without stressing. I've just chilled out and allowed myself the break. which is totally cool especially if you also work at the same time as finding time to blog is a bitch as it is, spesh when April for the last two weeks has been abit on the cold side, even snowy.. pretty uninspiring for doing spring fashion shoots!

To get my blogging mojo back, I decided to try and stop trawling through all the new in summery stuff thats been to cold to wear lately and looked up a cool new brand to obsess over instead - that being P&Co who make awesome tops such as the baseball style one I'm wearing here.

You can never go wrong with a raglan tee, spesh one with cool backprints such as these, I may be tempted to wear back-to-front as well as I love the back print on this Cry Babies One! They have recently restocked these so head up to their website to get your raglan tee fix,

Love, Sarah x


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Wanderlust: The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Since coming back from Iceland the no.1 question I have had without a doubt is about the famous Blue Lagoon. Is it worth the hype?

I'd say HELL YES.

Before adding it to our itinerary, I had read alot of blogs about people saying it was over priced and not as good as some of the smaller lagoons in Iceland or that even the swimming pools in Reykjavik were better.

Yes, they may be more remote and virtually tourist free so I wouldn't rule out trying these in future however I would certainly return to the Blue Lagoon one day and would recommend to anyone to visit!

To visit the lagoon, you need to book online beforehand as you choose a time slot. the beauty of this though is that you will need to arrive at the time you choose but you can stay in the lagoon as long as you like. 

Its also open for long hours as well, during the summer you can bathe here right from 8am till midnight!

I would of loved to of stayed alot longer but we were fitting this round out flight home as the lagoon is just 10 minutes away from the airport. This does make it a great stopover visit or trip to before or after you head around the country as its so easy to get to whilst en route to or from the main airport thanks to the very frequent shuttle busses.

Storing luggage is a breeze as well as you can drop these off in a storage area for a small fee

 The terrain on the way to the Lagoon is very different to what we experienced in our trips to the south and the golden circle! Everything was rocky but covered in this lush green mossy stuff

 We arrived at the lagoons peak time, around 11am. The que was massive and went outside as well so I would recommend you also bring your warms in case you are outside a while!

Once in you will need to separate in to guys and girls changing rooms from there to get ready, There is a few private changing rooms otherwise you just take your kit off in one of the rooms with benches and store your items in a locker and head to the showers. The rules are very strict on showering before you get in so make sure you do! The lagoon water does self cleanse around every 40 hours so you don't need to worry about it being dirty either :)

Make sure you bring a swimsuit as this is required round all areas of the lagoon. sorry nudies!

On check in you are also given a wrist band which helps you to tag the locker in the changing room to you so only you can open it, this is also handy to use in the lagoon, more on that later!

Once navigated out of the beautiful modern changing rooms you are then ready to get in to the Lagoon!

One of main main worries about the lagoon was the depth being that I'm not a confident swimmer so I don't like being out of my depth. Its surprisingly shallow though, the deepest point is around 1.60m and shallowest at half a metre.

It is so wonderfully warm (but not uncomfortably) you just won't wanna get out! its pure bliss.

Remember the wristbands I mentioned earlier? This is now where you can also use them in the Lagoon,

The wristband also works like a credit card, allowing you to purchase things whilst in the lagoon cus you can't swim around with your wallet!

You can swim over to the lagoon bar and choose a drink to enjoy whilst relaxing and visit the silica mud mask bar to get one of the seriously good face masks. My over sensitive skin loved this and was feeling very pampered and soft after leaving the mask on for 15 minutes :) With our chosen package we could have a drink of our choice and a mask for free!

This isn't all you can do at the Lagoon, there is a sauna and steam room, relaxation area and also a man made waterfall which works wonders on sore shoulders and stiff muscles.

Feeling peckish? Then you can visit the Blue cafe for some light bites, or if your really in for being treated like a queen, book a table at the Lava Restaurant and enjoy some Icelandic contemporary dishes.

Top Tips to visit:

  • Try to visit at an off peak time if at all possible, that said once the initial 11am rush had died down it was really quiet in the changing room area to go back to.
  • If you are planning on bringing your camera/ mobile in to the lagoon area for photos you MUST make sure you have a waterproof case! 
  • Do NOT under any circumstances get your hair in the lagoon water, as the water is geothermal it will make your hair go very dry and stiff. Learn how to do pretty plaits, go for a bun or all else fails, wear a swim cap!  Same goes for jewellery, if you value it do not wear it in there, silica, algae, minerals and geothermal seawater can turn gold or silver an offish green colour. 
  • Don't worry about bringing shampoo/conditioner/hairdryer with you, these are supplied in the changing rooms and are wonderful and sooo good for your hair. If your lucky enough to have got a fair but of spending money on you I would def purchase the silica mask set, its very very pricey though! 
  • Book your transfers and reservation for the restaurant at the same time you get the lagoon pass online, it makes the day alot more stress-free and work seamlessly if you plan ahead. 
  • The water temperature is between 37-40 degrees, so whilst its beautifully warm in the lagoon itself it may be worth getting a dressing down as an extra for optimal comfort.


There are 4 types of packages to choose from to enhance your visit. The most basic is standard which gives you entry and a free silica mask at the mask bar. This is about £38.00

We opted for the comfort package which does the same as basic but will also include a towel (kinda essential really!) an algae mask and well as silica, and your first drink for free, This is £53

The most popular packages (unsuprisingly) are the premium (£68) and luxury which also include extras like wine, table reservation at Lava, slippers, exclusive lounge and products to take home at £380.

Interested in booking your visit? Head over to the Blue Lagoon website

Actually cannot wait to go back here someday!

Love, Sarah x


Friday, 7 April 2017

Baby Blue

 Lolita Pretty in this cool blue pastel hue, Pastels are awesome!

Blue Mesh Dress // New Look 
Lilac Backpack // River Island
Pink Babydoll Shoes // Ebay

Managed to catch some rays last weekend whilst it lasted! it was great to finally have thin tights weather and feel like we could get the legs out at last, think there is still a good couple of weeks before the weather is a little more consistent though. Lets hope this weekend is another good one!

After my grey mesh dress last December I was hoping to find a more colourful version for spring, I spotted this gorgeous one in New Look a few weeks back in London and knew I had to have it! Its also just £15 in comparison to other mesh dresses out there that are almost double the price that's really good! 

I really like the raw waist line of this dress as it adds so much detail, I almost threw a belt over the top but decided against it as it covered it and also took away the comfy baggyness of it. Its meant to be slightly baggy as these are made for layering and wearing over things. 

Someone NEEDS to make more mesh dresses all the colours of the rainbow, I'd buy them all! 

Love, Sarah x

Sunday, 2 April 2017


New Season, New hair! January isn't the only time you can make a big change and freshen up your look! :)

Red Check Deconstructed Skirt // Asos
Sandals // Topshop
Hair by Beehive Hair & Beauty Salon, Eastbourne

At long freekin last I got my hair did. See ya later brunetteness, never liked you much anyway.

And hello strawberry blonde! It was a hugely lengthy process to get you but so worth it as we can now experiment with colours and things. That said I'm liking the strawb blonde already, it makes such a difference to my outfits and really helps to bring out the colour in them as I like to wear alot of colour. I am soo looking forward to experimenting with it as well as trying out new outfits and ideas that simply wouldn't of worked before :)

Remember what I always say about denim too? I still am a firm believer that denim looks a million miles better on blondes so naturally I treated myself to my first denim jacket. My favourite denim is always fairly vintage looking, worn in and distressed so my criteria was met when I scouted this Forever 21 jacket online.

Its a tiny bit too big but guess this will work better for layering when it gets later in the season or now even on chillier days.

I've matched it up here to another gingham style pretty from Asos. Although it very much resembles a tea towel it does still make me feel super springy and was a fab choice for the first day of the year to get the legs out (with nude tights of course) I love the deconstructed hem and the frill top part of this skirt! deffo a new skirt fave for me!  :)

Love, Sarah x

GTL - Distressed Denim Jackets 

1. Midwash blue Fringed Back Jacket  - Asos | 2. Fringed Cuff Denim Jacket - Zara | 3. Contrast Frayed Denim Jacket - Liquor n Poker


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Hello Spring!

So ready for some Spring weather! Here's my take on the Gucci Spring style jacket!

PU Skirt // Primark
Yellow Knit Top (Worn underneath) // H&M

Recognise the jacket from my wish list last month? Yeah I got it! 

Boohoo happened to have 20% off this Gucci-esk biker jacket beauty so I jumped at it as it was one of those timed deal things they often have on the website! 

Regrets? 0

It literally has my two loves for any jacket - studs and embroidery but all in one, it is the perfect upgrade for my leather jacket I lost at my wedding (not the handpainted dinosaur one but a plain one) as this one can be worn out in the rain whereas with my painted one I have to be very careful with it. 

I have recently noticed that jackets (spring and autumnal ones) seem to have a prominent part in my wardrobe as I have more than anything else, different materials, studded ones, painted, covered in patches.. love them! 

Will definitely be making the most of these over the next couple of months of Spring! Come at me Springness with your sunshiney weather, lighter evenings and bank holidays! 

Love, Sarah x 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Wanderlust: Extreme Iceland - Sólheimajökull Glacier Hiking

Having craved an adventure holiday for some time (we're one of those peoples that can't just sit by the pool and chill!) I knew I wanted to book something that both me and Rich could do as an activity.

Glacier Hiking was for me the best choice due to that A. there is not so many places round the world where this can be done. B. Rich was very much up for it after learning that his favourite film Intersteller was filmed on glaciers in Iceland so wanted to go there and feel like an astronaut for himself, minus the space suit and fish bowl for a helmet :)

The Extreme Iceland version of this tour gives you not only the Glacier hike but also a day of sight seeing around the main even so its a looong day, but so worth it!

We started at 9am and drove down to the south coast of Iceland to our first excursion, The Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach (Vik beach)

This ended up being one of our favourite places we visited and also got Rich on a beach for the first time ever due to how unusual and surreal it was!

We were lucky with the weather again having that it was a sunny day, obvs not get your bikini out weather but was a good day to go :)

The sand, as the name suggests is black which is pretty cool, the sand is black as it is volcanic. The weird rocks are actually basalt columns and lava formations which is why the rocks looks amazing!

Black Sand Beach in Vik is not the only beach of it's kind, you can actually visit black sand beaches in other volcanic areas including Maui, Hawaii, Papenoo is Tahiti and Shelter Cove in California to name but a few.

2 .  Solheimajokull Glacier Hike

After many watch out for Matt Damon Jokes on the route to the glacier (you'll need to watch Interstellar to get why you might not want to run in to him on another planet, or in this case the set of the scene of the film, the glacier.) we arrived at our destination.

Glacier hiking can be pretty dangerous so a helmet, harness and a ice axe are required. The ice axe being the coolest part obvs :)

Crampons help you grip to the ice, they are like yellow sandals with huge spikes on them. You need to tred pretty hard (walk a little stampy) to get your footing cus the glacier hike is also pretty steep.
Felt like I had done a proper work out afterwards!

Spot the hikers in this pic!

The glacier was breathtakingly beautiful, and again the weather was great so we were thankful it wasn't raining or hailing whilst climbing,

Our guide pointed out loads of interesting things and sights during our hours climb, we were also lucky to see an ice cave.

Ice caves come and go so we were happy we had the chance to see one and even venture inside!

3) Skógafoss Waterfall

Another good thing about the sun being out is that it meant at our next stop, Skógafoss waterfall, is that the rainbows came out to play :)

Winter is such a good time to visit Iceland to see the waterfalls, having now seen this in really hard snow, then on the lower grounds in Iceland where this waterfall is in the south it looks really springlike!

There is the option to climb hundreds of stairs to few the waterfall from above but after our glacier hike we were just happy to see it in its rainbowyness and not do anymore climbing!

4) Eyjafjallajökull Volcano

Eyjafjallajökull you may recognise as this is the volcano that hit headlines around the world in 2010 when it erupted and put everything on standstill for travel in Europe!

The volcano is actually always covered by is own glacier which is one of the smallest ones in Iceland.

The buildings below it were not there before it erupted but opened a year or so later as a visitors centre to learn all about the 2010 eruption.

5)  Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

The last waterfall we saw on our trip was the smaller but lovely Seljalandsfoss.

This waterfall is not to be missed though as it is one you can walk behind which is well worth it. Just make sure that what you are wearing is waterproof!

And there you have it! The last of our excursions around Iceland! :)

Interested in booking this tour with Extreme iceland? Head over the the Sensational Iceland tour page here

Love, Sarah x

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