Friday, 22 September 2017

Sporty Spice

Seriously digging track pants right now, these popper ones are giving me all the 00's feels! 

Red Stripe Popper Side Trousers // Missy Empire
Red PU Bralet // Pretty Little Thing

Happy Autumn equinox, and the first of my autumn looks! These colourful track pants were creepin around on the scene a teeny bit earlier this year but it was getting too close for Summer and I just had a feelin these were gonna be big for autumn so I decided to wait and I'm glad I did!

After so many boring winters stuck in leggings and jeans I'm pretty hyped for the first time about A/W17s offerings with 00s style trackies like these and cropped trousers making a comeback. It's literally all the stuff I really wanted to buy and wear at the age of 13/14/15 but obvs couldn't as was at school so I'm loving that I'm getting a chance to now wear them. Sporty was always my fave spice girl too :)

I want to get loads of different colorssss :) These Missy Empire ones are so comfy as well, will be so much fun to style these up. This is also my first purchase from Missy Empire and I have to say I'm really impressed and obsessed with their new in section at the moment...this won't be my last buy from them this season for sure!

Check out my track pants GTL below!

Love, Sarah x

GTL - Popper Side Track Pants 

1. Disney Princess X Local Heroes Team Trackpants - Local Heroes | 2. About to Snap Satin Trackpants - Dolls Kill | 3. Green Popper Panel Trackpants - Miss Pap


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Jaded London

Check out this Summer sale bargain! I'm in love with this Jaded London dress!

Rainbow Flame Lace Up Side Dress // Jaded London
Iridescent Backpack // SkinnyDip London
Large Fishnet Tights // New Look
Black Silver Zippy Boots // Primark

Finally got something from Jaded London yaayyyyyy! Jaded London has been on my radar a while, just haven't had the occasion/moneys to buy anything from them but have always lusted over pretty much everything!

Luckily this dress was in sale and it was one of my faves so I snapped it up. Keep your eyes on all things black n white check as that is set to be a hot favourite print coming up for A/W17...

Love, Sarah x


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Colour Carnival


Listens to Despacito once...Missguided are serving up the perfect Cuban influenced styles this season and in to A/W17.

Hot Pink Frill Bardot Choker Neck Bodysuit // Missguided (Just £10 in sale!)

Been a little late posting these but this outfit is the perfect one to say Adios to Summer. Pretty sure one of my Barbies had a similar outfit to this! Its definitely got that sipping cocktails, summer party vibe!

This bodysuit is in Missguided's Summer sale at just £10 and is a perfect match for these blue frill trousers. I love clashing bold colours. Just remember to do block colours for this look and just play with different colour combinations, the clashier the better!

 I've definitely had more fun this season being blonde and experimenting with wearing new colours I wouldn't of bothered experimenting with before. Sounds weird to say but I feel more "me" as a blonde even though I've only had blonde hair less than 6 months. I don't see me going back to brunette for a long time. I'm digging being a barbie blondie, Loving wearing fuchsia and bright colours even more than before!

Cuban and Spanish styles are still a hot topic for AW17 but with a more gothic twist so will enjoy checking those out in the coming weeks :).

Love, Sarah x

PS. Sorry bout the visible tag in the first pic! lol! I know I should just edit it out or just not include the pic but A. it's my fave and B. I don't edit anything on my pics really aside from basic cropping or zooming in :) Just decent lighting, pretty local backdrop and (hopefully) and good hair n face day! 


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